Cypress Prevails as Court Dismisses Lawsuit, Mayor Hails Victory for Taxpayers

In a recent legal development, the City of Cypress successfully defended itself against an ongoing lawsuit, Youngsma, et al. v. Cypress School District, et al., in which the plaintiffs accused the city of allowing the Cypress School District to use a school site inappropriately for school-related purposes. The court swiftly dismissed the lawsuit, finding it lacked merit and that the plaintiffs had missed the filing deadline by nearly two months.

Anne Mallari, Mayor of Cypress, expressed her satisfaction with the court’s decision, calling it a “complete and absolute victory for the City of Cypress and its taxpayers.” The plaintiffs had alleged that the city was liable for inverse condemnation of their property due to its failure to prevent the school district from utilizing the site for elementary school purposes—a use permitted under the city’s zoning code.

The court not only rejected these claims but also granted the plaintiffs the opportunity to file an amended complaint, which they did on July 14, 2023.

A recent survey conducted among Cypress residents showed overwhelming support for the city. More than nine out of ten respondents rated Cypress as an “excellent or good” and “safe place to live.” The survey also revealed that over 90% of residents consider Cypress an ideal place to raise a family, citing the superb quality of life in the community.

Mayor Mallari expressed the city’s commitment to protecting its residents, stating, “We’re pleased that the judge rejected every attempt by these individuals to extract money from their neighbors. Our council and city staff will remain vigilant and ready to defend our beautiful community against any attempts to take advantage of it.”