Houston Welcomes Diaspora African Forum’s First Location Outside Africa

Houston Welcomes Diaspora African Forum’s First Location Outside Africa

Ambassador H.E. Dr. Erieka Bennett, founder and Head of Mission for the Diaspora African Forum (DAF), visited Houston on September 21, 2023, to scout locations for DAF’s first-ever establishment outside the African continent. This milestone achievement is the outcome of strong relationships formed during the trade and investment mission to West Africa in July, led by Mayor Sylvester Turner and a 30-member delegation.

During the mission, Mayor Turner and the delegation engaged with African leaders, businesses, and communities with the goal of enhancing existing relationships, exploring new economic opportunities, and strengthening cultural and civic ties between the City of Houston and Africa.

Houston, renowned as the most diverse city in the United States and home to one of the largest diasporas in the country, was deemed the ideal choice for DAF’s expansion. Mayor Sylvester Turner expressed his appreciation, stating, “We are honored to be the first city outside of Africa to host a Diaspora African Forum location. Today’s announcement reaffirms Houston’s commitment to strengthening its bonds with the African continent and its diaspora.”

Mayor Turner extended his gratitude to Ambassador Bennett and the Diaspora African Forum, who participated in a public session during their visit. Ambassador Bennett conveyed, “In the African tradition when someone comes to your house, you come back to their house, so we are here to say thank you to Mayor Turner and we are here to open an office. Our decision to choose Houston as our first location outside of Africa was a natural progression of the relationships nurtured during the mission.”

The Diaspora African Forum’s mission is to bridge the gap between Africa and its diaspora by fostering trans-Atlantic connections, promoting economic collaboration, and facilitating cultural exchange.

Houston has actively supported DAF’s mission by embracing diversity, promoting international relations, and creating a conducive environment for economic collaboration.