Sugar Land City Council Approves George Foundation’s Generous Donation for Expanding Brazos River Park

Sugar Land City Council recently gave its approval for the donation of over 125 acres of land by the George Foundation, aimed at expanding Brazos River Park. This undeveloped land, valued at $310,000, is situated between the Brazos River, the Brazos Landing subdivision, University Boulevard, and the Riverstone subdivision. It’s noteworthy that this acreage is adjacent to existing city parkland properties.

The future development of these 125 acres is anticipated to seamlessly connect with the existing trails and facilities at Memorial Park. Furthermore, it will contribute to the existing 1,200 acres of city parkland lining the Brazos River.

These 125 acres are strategically outlined in the city’s Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Master Plan. This aligns with future objectives along the Brazos River, focusing on enhancing pedestrian and bicycle connectivity, environmental conservation, flood mitigation, and boosting tourism.

The donated property comprises a lush wetlands ecosystem, complete with an existing oxbow lake. Prospective recreational offerings may encompass walking trails, mountain biking trails, fishing spots, picnic areas, bird-watching, and more.

Under the terms of the agreement with the George Foundation, this property must be exclusively reserved for public access and enjoyment, dedicated to green spaces, outdoor recreation, and natural environments.

Joe Chesser, the Director of Parks and Recreation, expressed gratitude, stating, “We are extremely grateful to the George Foundation for their generous donation. This land builds on our efforts to deliver on what our community told us is important. It is a reflection of past community priorities and reaffirms that our residents believe green spaces and parks projects are important to Sugar Land’s quality of life and attract visitors who contribute to our economic prosperity.”

The George Foundation’s mission is to collaborate with the community to utilize its resources for the betterment of Fort Bend County and its residents. By addressing critical community needs, enhancing the quality of life, and providing opportunities for Fort Bend County residents, the foundation has awarded nearly $270 million in grants to Fort Bend County nonprofit organizations and scholarship recipients.

City Manager Michael W. Goodrum acknowledged the pivotal role played by the George Foundation in shaping the city’s landscape, stating, “I cannot think of another non-profit organization that’s had a bigger impact on the city or the county. As an example, Cullinan Park would not be in our city without the George Foundation. They made the financial commitment that allowed that deal to happen. That’s 750-plus acres that have been improved. There’s just not another non-profit that’s done more to improve the quality of life for our residents through philanthropic efforts such as expanding access to greenspaces and parklands that our citizens have told us make their lives better.”