Train vs. Pedestrian Collision in Leander, Texas

Train vs. Pedestrian Collision in Leander, Texas

On November 18, 2023, at approximately 12:00 p.m., Leander police responded to a distressing incident involving a train and a pedestrian at train track marker 85.91 in Leander, Texas.

Upon arrival at the scene, authorities discovered the lifeless body of an unidentified white female pedestrian. The preliminary investigation suggests that the victim, whose age remains unknown, was crossing the railroad bridge on foot when she was struck by a Capitol Metro commuter train.

At the time of the incident, the train was occupied solely by the engineer and conductor; no other passengers were on board. The collision occurred at the specified location, and emergency response teams were dispatched promptly.

Efforts are underway to identify the victim so that her next of kin can be notified.

The investigation is currently ongoing.