Houston ISD High Schools Reach Out to Re-Engage Students in Community Outreach Initiative

In an effort to re-engage students who did not return to school this fall, teachers and administrators from 10 Houston Independent School District (HISD) high schools took to the streets in Houston’s North and Central Divisions earlier this month. Participants from Washington, Houston MSTC, Kashmere, North Forest, Scarborough, Northside, Austin, Wheatley, Lamar, and Waltrip High Schools embarked on a mission to knock on doors in their communities.

The two initiatives, titled “Find Your Way Back North” and “The Central Mission Recovery Project,” aimed to connect with students at their homes, understand the reasons for their absence from school, and provide solutions to help them return to the path of graduation.

Diego Linares, Principal of Houston MSTC, expressed gratitude for the dedicated volunteers and the potential to help students continue their high school journey. “Regardless of their individual stories or the circumstances that led them to discontinue their schooling, we want them to know that we are here to support them wholeheartedly, and we welcome them with open arms,” he stated.

HISD, being the largest school district in Texas, serves a diverse student body with various needs and challenges. The HISD Wraparound Services Department collaborates with community partners to offer crucial non-instructional support to students and their families, both inside and outside of school. These support services play a vital role in the success of HISD scholars, and the re-engagement initiatives aim to connect students and their families with these resources while letting them know that they are not alone, and their district supports them.

North Division Superintendent Orlando Riddick explained the district’s goal: “Our goal is to help our families see the opportunities available and make them achievable. We strive to reconnect these families with their home school and offer a friendly and convenient pathway back to their school.”

Find Your Way Back North, The Central Mission Recovery Project, and the West Division’s re-engagement walk earlier this month are just a few of many student re-engagement efforts that HISD teachers, administrators, and volunteers participate in every school year.