Arizona Man Pleads Guilty to Grisly Stabbing of Elderly Houston Woman, Receives Two Stacked Life Sentences

Arizona Man Pleads Guilty to Grisly Stabbing of Elderly Houston Woman, Receives Two Stacked Life Sentences
Marco Cobos

An Arizona man, 24-year-old Marco Cobos, pleaded guilty on Friday to the brutal stabbing of 75-year-old Etta Nugent in her Sharpstown home, according to Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg.

Cobos had stolen a truck in Arizona and drove to Houston in May 2019. After failed plans to meet someone he had connected with online, he began sleeping in his truck in a quiet Sharpstown neighborhood. Despite residents reporting the parked truck, Cobos continued his stay until May 19, 2019.

On that fateful day, Cobos knocked on Nugent’s door, seeking water and a phone charge. Nugent, however, felt uneasy and directed him to another neighbor. Minutes later, Cobos returned, forcefully entered her home, and mercilessly stabbed the elderly woman at least 13 times over several hours until she succumbed to her injuries.

Victim: Etta Nugent

Following the heinous act, Cobos performed everyday activities in Nugent’s home, including laundry and taking a shower. He even left to buy and eat a hamburger while Nugent’s lifeless body lay in the living room. Cobos ransacked the house, stole Nugent’s car, and checked into a local motel to sleep.

Discovering his mother’s body, Nugent’s adult son contacted the Houston Police Department, initiating an investigation. The next day, as police were at the crime scene, Cobos returned in Nugent’s stolen car. Detained for driving the stolen vehicle, he confessed to the horrifying events, revealing that Nugent pleaded for her life during the attack.

On Friday, Cobos pleaded guilty to murder and aggravated robbery in exchange for two life sentences, which were stacked. Assistant District Attorney Lynn Nguyen prosecuted the case, emphasizing the horrendous nature of the crime and the pursuit of justice for the victim and her family.

The plea deal ensures that Cobos will serve a minimum of 60 years in prison before becoming eligible for parole. Moreover, he is barred from appealing the conviction or the two life sentences.

“This brutal murder was both senseless and premeditated, and this was the right result because we were able to get justice without the family having to go through a painful and traumatic trial,” Ogg said. “This killer will now spend decades, and hopefully the rest of his life, in prison.”