Brownsville Man Arrested on Multiple Charges Following Assault on Mother

Brownsville Man Arrested on Multiple Charges Following Assault on Mother
Enrique Aaron Villarreal

On Thursday, January 11, 2024, at around 8:30 pm, Cameron County Sheriff Deputies responded to an incident at a residence on the 2300 block of Carlos Avenue, Brownsville, Texas. The response was related to an assault on a 42-year-old female victim.

Upon arrival, Sheriff Deputies engaged with the victim, who reported that her 24-year-old son, identified as Enrique Aaron Villarreal, had assaulted her. The alleged reason for the assault was a disagreement over the use of her cellular phone.

In their investigation, Sheriff Deputies located Villarreal at a nearby convenience store. When approached, Villarreal provided a false name. Deputies noted signs of intoxication and proceeded to arrest him. Villarreal resisted arrest by refusing to cooperate and kicking the interior of the patrol unit. To gain compliance, OC (oleoresin capsicum) spray was deployed.

Further investigation revealed that Villarreal had previous charges of family violence, leading to an additional charge of Continuous Violence Against Family.

Enrique Aaron Villarreal was subsequently arrested and taken to the Carrizales Rucker Detention Center, awaiting arraignment. He faces charges including Assault F/V TPC 22.01 (Class A Misdemeanor), Continuous Violence Against Family TPC 25.11 (3rd Degree Felony), Failure to Identify TPC 38.02 (Class B Misdemeanor), Resisting Arrest/Search/Detention TPC 38.03 (Class A Misdemeanor), and Public Intoxication TPC 49.02 (Class C Misdemeanor).