Arrest Made in Connection to Ambush-Style Assaults Filmed and Shared on Social Media

Arrest Made in Connection to Ambush-Style Assaults Filmed and Shared on Social Media
Video of Assault and photo of suspect, Alfred Lewis

19-year-old Alford Lewis has been apprehended and charged with Assault-Bodily Injury and Aggravated Robbery in connection with a series of ambush-style assaults that were filmed and posted on social media. A second defendant, 18-year-old Kingston Miker, has also been charged but remains at large. The assaults, which were recorded and shared on TikTok, have sent shockwaves through the community.

According to charging documents, the incidents occurred at Wortham Park last Thursday, where Lewis assaulted two men in separate attacks while Miker recorded the disturbing encounters. In one of these incidents, deputies reported that Lewis used a firearm to threaten and physically assault the victim, ultimately robbing him of his iPhone 14, valued at approximately $1,000.

In a chilling account of the incident, deputies disclosed that Lewis approached a man walking on the park’s trail from behind, brandishing a firearm and demanding the victim’s cell phone. He threatened to shoot the victim in the foot if he did not comply. When the victim refused to hand over his phone, Lewis handed the gun to Miker, who was filming the incident. Officials say Miker then pointed the weapon at the victim while Lewis assaulted him by punching and choking.

Approximately 45 minutes later, another video surfaced, showing Lewis striking a second man from behind. The second victim told investigators that Lewis and Miker appeared to be laughing during the assault. When the victim expressed his displeasure and stated that he did not find it humorous, he believes Lewis reached for a firearm, escalating the terrifying situation.

Law enforcement authorities are actively seeking Kingston Miker, who is currently wanted in connection with these assaults.