Aggravated Robbery Suspect Arrested in Brownsville

Aggravated Robbery Suspect Arrested in Brownsville
Adrian Alvarado

In a rapid response to a robbery on Wednesday, January 3, 2024, at around 5:00 pm, Cameron County Sheriff Deputies successfully apprehended the suspect thanks to quick action and collaboration.

The incident unfolded at a business situated in the 2200 block of Gregory Avenue, Brownsville, Texas. Upon receiving the call, Sheriff Deputies promptly arrived at the scene and interviewed the store clerk and manager. Both victims recounted that a male suspect entered the establishment, brandishing a knife, and demanded money. The manager’s inquiry led the suspect to put away the knife before fleeing the scene on a bicycle.

Deputies, armed with a description of the suspect and armed with surveillance footage, conducted a search in the vicinity. Several blocks from the business, they located and detained the individual matching the description. The suspect was identified as 20-year-old Adrian Alvarado.

During the investigation, Sheriff Deputies discovered Mr. Alvarado in possession of the knife used during the incident. Following his confession to being at the establishment earlier, Mr. Alvarado was arrested and taken into custody. The recovered knife was secured as evidence.

Mr. Adrian Alvarado now faces charges of Aggravated Robbery under Texas Penal Code 20.03, a 1st Degree Felony. He is currently held at the Carrizales Rucker Detention Center, awaiting arraignment.