South Texas Man Arrested for Assaulting Uncle Over Dog Dispute

South Texas Man Arrested for Assaulting Uncle Over Dog Dispute
Carlos Yair Martinez

On Tuesday, February 6, 2024, Cameron County Sheriff Deputies responded to a distress call at a residence located on the 31000 block of PFC Juan Garza, San Benito, Texas, around 1:00 pm. The call pertained to an assault incident. Upon their arrival, deputies encountered a male victim who reported an assault by his 23-year-old nephew, Carlos Yair Martinez.

According to the victim’s account, the altercation initiated when Martinez allowed the family dog to escape from the residence. Subsequently, an argument ensued, escalating into physical confrontation as Martinez allegedly instigated a fight by pushing the victim. The situation escalated further when Martinez purportedly punched the victim in the face and proceeded to choke him by placing his forearm around his neck, exerting pressure with his body.

The victim described being subjected to the chokehold for an estimated duration of over 15 seconds, resulting in significant impairment of his breathing. Upon examination, Sheriff Deputies noted visible bruising and swelling on the victim’s face, consistent with his claims of being punched.

As a result of the incident, Carlos Yair Martinez was arrested by Sheriff Deputies and taken into custody. He was subsequently transported to the Carrizales Rucker Detention Center, where he awaits arraignment.

Martinez faces charges for Assault Family/Household Member Impeding Breath/Circulation, classified as a 3rd Degree Felony in accordance with Texas law.