Fort Bend County Officials Announce $865 Million Mobility and Parks Bond Proposal to Address County’s Growing Needs

On October 19, 2023, Fort Bend County Judge KP George, alongside County Engineer Stacy Slawinski, Auditor Ed Sturdivant, and Parks Director Darren McCarthy, held a press conference to outline their proactive efforts to address the evolving needs of the eighth-largest county in Texas. Central to their strategy are the proposed Mobility and Parks Bonds, which are anticipated to be instrumental in adapting to the changing landscape and enhancing the quality of life for residents.

Judge George emphasized the significance of these bonds in maintaining the high quality of life that Fort Bend County residents are accustomed to while attracting new businesses and industries. He stated, “Our county is a great place to live and work, and that’s no secret. As we continue to attract businesses and residents, we want to ensure that we maintain the quality of life our residents are accustomed to and attract industry to our region. That’s why these proposed bonds will help us address the needs of our growing community.”

Residents of Fort Bend County will have the opportunity to voice their opinion on these crucial bonds on November 7. The proposed Mobility and Parks Bond, totaling $865 million, includes 98 projects, comprising a $712 million Mobility Bond and a $153 million Parks Bond.

The Mobility Bond is geared toward improving the county’s transportation infrastructure, encompassing road maintenance and new road construction. Its objectives include reducing traffic congestion, enhancing safety, and increasing commuting efficiency for residents.

County Engineer Stacy Slawinski highlighted the significance of the 70 new roadway projects and over 20 projects aimed at improving traffic and pedestrian conditions. He specifically mentioned the FM 2759 project from FM 762 to the city of Thompsons, which is set to connect to the future Bridge as the Fort Bend Toll Road extends over the Brazos River, thereby accommodating increased traffic demand in Thompsons.

The Parks Bond is designed to prioritize the development and enhancement of parks, recreational facilities, and open spaces. Some of the projects include creating a safe crossover from Freedom Park in Precinct 1 across Westheimer Parkway, constructing a senior center in Precinct 2 in Rosenberg, building a splash pad and cricket field in Sta-Mo Park in Precinct 3, and re-opening the T.W. Davis WMCA in Precinct 4.

Judge George also addressed concerns about misleading information circulating within the community regarding the Mobility and Parks Bonds, stressing the importance of relying on accurate sources of information and being vigilant against deceptive tactics that aim to mislead the public.