Three Arrested in Austin Police “Jugging” Operation

Three Arrested in Austin Police “Jugging” Operation
Dimarkus Mitchell, Darrian Haywood and Darrell Jones

On Friday, November 3, 2023, plain clothes Austin Police Department officers were deployed to a bank located at 701 E Stassney Lane. The location had been previously identified by APD’s crime analysis unit as one of the top four banks where juggings originate.

The officers began surveilling the parking lot for any suspicious behavior consistent with juggings. Immediately upon the officers’ arrival to the location, they identified two occupied vehicles in the parking lot that appeared to be working together. A banking customer left the parking lot and the two suspect vehicles followed the female customer. A short time later, the female victim pulled into a parking lot on Oltorf St. The suspects pulled into the same parking lot as the victim and committed a robbery by assault in a matter of seconds as officers were still arriving. Officers acted immediately to help the victim as the suspects fled the parking lot in their vehicles. Other officers followed behind the suspects until other units arrived to help take them into custody.

Officers searched the suspect vehicles and found several instruments commonly used to commit burglaries and theft like a drill and window punch. The victim’s purse was also located along the path that the suspect vehicles drove as they left the scene. The three suspects were arrested and charged with Robbery by Assault and Engaging in Organized Crime, and booked into Travis County Jail.

Suspect #1:

Dimarkus Mitchell, Black male, 31 years of age

Suspect #2:

Darrian Haywood, Black male, 33 years of age

Suspect #3:

Darrell Jones, Black male, 31 years of age

The arrests were in response to the pervasive problem of jugging crimes in the Austin area. The proactive operation was successful thanks to the combined efforts of the Austin Police Department’s Crime Analysis Unit, North Metro Tac Unit, Organized Crime Division, Robbery Unit, SWAT, and Region I Detectives.

APD would like to remind our community to be vigilant and aware while frequenting your banking institution and call 911 if you find that someone is following you after a cash withdrawal. Please don’t leave your cash in your vehicle to avoid becoming a target.