Texas Comptroller Emphasizes Early Financial Education for Young Ones

In the latest edition of Fiscal Notes, the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts delves into the importance of teaching children about money management from an early age. Coinciding with Financial Literacy Month, the online issue features a Q&A with Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar, who shares insights into his approach to instilling financial skills in his own children.

Hegar emphasized the significance of starting financial education at any age, citing research indicating that adults with strong financial skills often learned about money management during childhood. He recommended initiating conversations about purchasing decisions and incorporating books about saving and spending to foster financial literacy.

The issue also includes an infographic spotlighting the factors influencing credit scores, underscoring the role of financial literacy in building a solid credit history, which in turn impacts loan interest rates, car insurance premiums, and housing opportunities.

In addition to financial education, Fiscal Notes addresses a new law enforcement grant program overseen by the Comptroller’s office. Aimed at aiding law enforcement agencies in counties with smaller populations, the program enables sheriffs, constables, and district and county attorneys to augment salaries and even expand staff. Since its inception, the program has garnered over 500 applications and distributed nearly $126 million in grants during its inaugural year.

Fiscal Notes serves as a platform providing information, original research, and impartial analysis on the Texas economy. It exemplifies the Comptroller’s commitment to assisting and enlightening taxpayers and residents of Texas. Notably, the content of Fiscal Notes does not necessarily reflect the policy or endorsement of the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, but rather offers a diverse array of topics relevant to Texas and broader governmental concerns.