San Angelo Police Department Recognizes Officers for Heroic Acts and Dedication in 2023

San Angelo Police Department Recognizes Officers for Heroic Acts and Dedication in 2023

The San Angelo Police Department (SAPD) has recognized the outstanding efforts of its officers for the 2023 year through the annual meritorious awards program.

The department encourages employees to nominate their colleagues for meritorious awards, with the nominations initially undergoing a thorough review by the nominated officer’s chain of command. Subsequently, the nominations are assessed by the “Meritorious Review Board,” which evaluates whether the officer’s actions meet the criteria for a meritorious award.

Chief Frank Carter expressed his appreciation for the heroism and extraordinary acts of bravery displayed by SAPD officers in the past year.

Officers Mark Calvert, Danielle Crowder, and Mike Morris were honored with lifesaving awards for their quick and decisive actions in lifting a vehicle that had trapped a citizen. Their rapid response ultimately saved the victim’s life.

Officer Delacruz received a lifesaving award for disregarding personal safety and rendering aid to a citizen attacked by a large swarm of bees. Medical personnel confirmed that Officer Delacruz’s swift action played a crucial role in saving the victim’s life.

Lieutenant Adam Scott, Lieutenant Craig Thomason, Sergeant Brian Gesch, Officer Chris Herrington, and Officer Rodney Mitchell were recognized with the Police Commendation Bar for their dedication to constructing a SIMMS house for the San Angelo Police Department. The SIMMS house, a non-ballistic shoot house, allows for versatile training environments where officers can enhance their skills. The craftsmanship and commitment exhibited by this team reflect the high standards SAPD strives to maintain.

The San Angelo Police Department takes great pride in its dedicated officers, acknowledging their commitment to protecting and serving the community. Chief Carter extends gratitude to all officers for their exemplary service throughout the year.