Safer Sixth Street Initiative Progress and Austin Police Response

Safer Sixth Street Initiative Progress and Austin Police Response

The Development Services Department (DSD) Entertainment Services Division is actively advancing the Safer Sixth Street Initiative, a comprehensive plan developed by the City Council in 2021 to enhance safety and organization in the nightlife district. This initiative involves interdepartmental collaboration, focusing on public space organization, diversity of uses, and ongoing discussions with bar operators to establish safety standards. Updates on the initiative are to be addressed by DSD.

The Austin Police Department (APD) emphasizes its commitment to addressing all crimes in the city and continually working to enhance community safety. Regarding the incident on Saturday, December 16th, APD acknowledges that it was not preventable. However, they highlight their exceptional response time, with the first officer arriving at the scene within a minute of notification at 11:52 p.m.

In alignment with the Safer Sixth Street Initiative goals, APD shares additional efforts to ensure safety in the Sixth Street area:

  1. Acquisition of more light trailers for improved safety and visibility in critical areas.
  2. Ongoing collaboration with stakeholders for a potential environmental redesign of Brazos Street areas.
  3. Deployment of additional officers through the current DTAC Initiative Shift, focusing on crime trends and public concerns.
  4. Pursuit of new vehicle safety barriers for enhanced pedestrian safety.

As part of general safety guidelines, APD advises individuals to remain vigilant, report anything suspicious immediately, stay in groups, be aware of exit plans, and have a safe transportation plan when going out. In case of victimization, individuals are encouraged to reach a safe location and call 911 promptly.

The information related to the Officer Involved Shooting on December 16, 2023, is currently under investigation. Following APD policy, relevant video footage will be released within ten business days.