Infant Dies After Crash on Westheimer Road

Infant Dies After Crash on Westheimer Road

An infant critically injured in a crash on March 4 at 9100 Westheimer Road has tragically succumbed to her injuries, Houston Police report.

The victim, identified as a 6-month-old girl, was pronounced deceased on Saturday, March 9. The incident occurred around 2:15 a.m. when a white Cherokee Jeep traveling eastbound on Westheimer Road collided with a grey Volkswagen Jetta traveling northbound on Jeanetta Street.

According to authorities, both vehicles entered the intersection simultaneously resulting in the collision. The Jetta’s occupants included a 33-year-old male driver, a 24-year-old female passenger, and the infant, who was a passenger as well. All three were rushed to nearby hospitals, with the baby being in critical condition.

At present, it remains unclear which driver ran the red light leading to the collision. Police have stated that neither driver displayed signs of intoxication at the scene.

The investigation is ongoing.