Harris County Constable Refiles 400+ Criminal Cases Amid Crime Rate Concerns

Harris County Constable Refiles 400+ Criminal Cases Amid Crime Rate Concerns

Harris County’s law enforcement faces a significant challenge as the Precinct 4 Constable’s Office announces the re-filing of over 400 criminal cases that were originally marked for dismissal. These cases, which were dismissed due to a lack of probable cause according to judges, have prompted concerns about public safety and the rising crime rate in the county.

Constable Mark Herman attributes the high crime rate in Harris County to the numerous dismissed cases, emphasizing the need for accountability and ensuring that criminals face consequences for their actions. He stresses the importance of not letting suspects evade justice, especially considering the risks officers take in apprehending them.

The initiative to review and refile dismissed cases began in 2021, following notifications from Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg regarding the large number of dismissals since 2021. The Constable’s office, upon discovering that hundreds of these cases were filed by Precinct 4, took action to address the issue.

“We will not let these people go without having a day in court. Our deputies risk their lives bringing these suspects to justice, therefore, we will see these cases through our system.” – Said Constable Mark Herman.

“The message today that I want to give out: If you come out to Precinct 4 and you commit a crime, if your case is dismissed, you can count on it being refiled,” said

Constable Mark Herman”. “We must hold these criminals and magistrates accountable to make sure judges adjudicate these cases.”

The decision to refile cases represents a shift in approach by the Precinct 4 Constable’s Office, with hopes that other agencies in Harris County will follow suit. The goal is to restore confidence in the justice system and deter criminals from committing offenses, ultimately ensuring the safety of residents in the county.