Police Chase Ends in Arrest of Wanted Fugitive in Texas City

Police Chase Ends in Arrest of Wanted Fugitive in Texas City

In the early hours of Tuesday, April 9th, 2024, D Platoon of the local police department assisted the Galveston Police Department in a high-speed vehicle pursuit that crossed into Texas City. The suspect behind the wheel was wanted on an outstanding felony warrant for a sexual assault offense.

Officer Behler, accompanied by K9 Billy, joined the pursuit to aid in apprehending the fugitive. The chase came to a halt in the 5800 block of IH 45 N, where the suspect abandoned the vehicle and attempted to flee on foot. Officer Behler and K9 Billy, along with officers from other agencies, pursued the fugitive on foot.

As the situation escalated, the fugitive brandished a handgun and threatened officers. Officer Behler, demonstrating remarkable composure, directed dispatch to close IH 45 completely and requested less lethal options while negotiations were attempted.

Despite the fugitive’s attempts to evade capture while still armed, Officer Lopez and Sergeant Shives successfully utilized less lethal options to disarm him. Following the deployment of these measures, the fugitive attempted to flee again on foot but was ultimately apprehended by officers on the scene.

The coordinated efforts of law enforcement, including the deployment of K9 units and less lethal weaponry, led to the safe arrest of the wanted fugitive. Officer Behler, K9 Billy, Officer Lopez, and Sergeant Shives demonstrated their exceptional tactical skills honed through rigorous training and dedication to public safety.