Best Texans/Ravens bets to take for Sunday’s game

The Texans open away against the Baltimore Ravens and we’re here to help you make the game a little more interesting.

There is plenty to be intrigued by in this game. DeMeco’s head coaching debut, Stroud’s first game, renovated defense, but sometimes you just need that little bit more excitement on Sundays, something to make it feel a little more…personal.

Well, you’re in luck. I’ve gone through DraftKings’ Houston Texans/Baltimore Ravens bets and pulled out a few that I think might be worth throwing a couple of bucks at.

As always, please do not take financial advice from a football blog, no matter how well-reasoned it might be.

Main Points Spread

Baltimore Ravens -9.5 (-110) — Folks, take the points. The season hasn’t already started and the Houston Texans are already getting bitten by the injury bug. As a result, I’m less confident about the Texans beating the spread; and under normal circumstances, I would say take the Texans and the points. But the Baltimore Ravens are in a better spot going into Sunday’s game.

Second Half Moneyline Three Way

Texans (+240) — This one might take some extra explaining. A three way bet is a bet that’s only concerned about what happens during regulation. So in this case you can choose that the Ravens or Texans will score the most points in the second half or you can choose “draw” as a third option, or way. Anyway, the reason I have the Texans with the second half moneyline is I expect the Texans to be trailing coming into the second half and the Texans historically do better in the second half than the first. So the chances of outscoring the Ravens and still losing are still there.

Ka’imi Fairbairn Field Goals Made

Over .5 (+140) — If you assume the Texans are going to be playing from behind, and more than likely they will be, then there will more likely than not be more field goals from the Texans. Also, it’s the Texans and all glory to the field goal offense. I hope I’m wrong but I’ve seen a lot of Texans games.