50-Year-Old Man Sentenced to 37 Years for Broad Daylight Murder in Denver Harbor

50-Year-Old Man Sentenced to 37 Years for Broad Daylight Murder in Denver Harbor
Jose Gutierrez

In a recent announcement, Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg revealed that a 50-year-old man, Jose Gutierrez, has been sentenced to 37 years in prison for the murder of his neighborhood acquaintance, 37-year-old Robert Andrew Almendarez, in Denver Harbor. The crime, described as premeditated, calculated, and deliberate, occurred in broad daylight on October 8, 2021.

The jury convicted Gutierrez of murder following a six-day trial, during which it was disclosed that the victim and the perpetrator had an ongoing dispute. On the day of the fatal shooting, Almendarez was standing outside a residence on Eagle Pass with a friend when Gutierrez, driving a red Jeep Cherokee, engaged in a verbal exchange with him. Surveillance footage revealed that Gutierrez drove away but returned to the scene, stopping his vehicle and firing a fatal shot at Almendarez, hitting him in the head.

The victim’s friend reported that Gutierrez attempted to fire again, but the gun jammed, allowing the assailant to escape. Houston Police Department detectives identified Gutierrez as the suspect, leading to his arrest a few days later.

During the trial, jurors learned that over a month before the fatal incident, Gutierrez had fired at Almendarez while both were driving in the neighborhood. However, Almendarez did not report the earlier shooting.

Assistant District Attorney Dana Nazarova, chief of the DA’s Homicide Division, and ADA Sharica Gray prosecuted the case. Nazarova characterized the murder as intentional and cold-blooded, emphasizing that Gutierrez stopped, surveyed the area, and returned to commit the crime.

As part of the sentencing, Gutierrez must serve at least half of the 37-year term before becoming eligible for parole. District Attorney Ogg expressed condolences to the victim’s friends and family, hoping that the conclusion of the case provides them with peace and closure.