SWAT Police Officer Killed in South Austin Shooting

SWAT Police Officer Killed in South Austin Shooting
APD Interim Chief of Police Robin Henderson provides briefing on Officer-Involved Shooting

In a tragic incident early Saturday in South Austin, a SWAT police officer lost his life, and another was injured during a shooting at a residence on Bernoulli Drive.

Interim Police Chief Robin Henderson provided details during a news conference, revealing that the police received a 911 call at 2:45 a.m. reporting a stabbing in progress. Officers arrived approximately 10 minutes later to discover two victims inside the house with the suspect. A third victim, who managed to escape, was promptly taken to the hospital.

Upon attempting to enter the house, officers came under fire, Henderson reported. Subsequently, SWAT officers were summoned to the scene, finding that the suspect had barricaded himself inside with two hostages. The SWAT team forced entry into the residence in an effort to rescue the hostages, leading to an exchange of gunfire in which two officers were shot.

The injured officers were transported to the hospital, where one was pronounced dead. The second officer is reported to be in stable condition, though their identities have not been disclosed.

In a visibly emotional statement, Chief Henderson expressed sorrow over the tragic events, emphasizing the gravity of the situation for all parties involved. Two investigations will be launched, one into the initial stabbing attack and another into the officer-involved shooting. Henderson noted that the incident was captured on police-worn body cameras.

“My heart and the hearts of Austinites are broken this morning. This is a horrible moment for our city and those who protect us. I’m praying for the family of our fallen officer, for our officer who was shot and in surgery and his family”, posted Austin Mayor Kirk Watson on X.