Telephone Scam Warning Issued by Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office

Telephone Scam Warning Issued by Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office has issued a warning to citizens about a prevalent telephone scam that has been affecting residents in the area.

Scammers are making calls, posing as either representatives of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office or employees of bonding companies. The fraudulent callers target family members or friends of incarcerated individuals, claiming they need immediate funds to post bail. These scammers often provide payment options through CashApp, Zelle, Venmo, or other money transfer apps. After receiving the funds, they promptly deactivate the account and phone number used for the scam.

Authorities advise anyone receiving such calls to ignore them. The genuine Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office will not make calls requesting fund transfers.

For those in doubt, bonding companies usually list their payment information on their official websites for verification before any funds are transferred. If contacted by someone claiming to be a bonding company employee, individuals are urged to verify their identity by using the published phone number of the bonding company.

Additional tips to avoid falling victim to such scams include:

  1. Be cautious if pressured to act immediately, as scammers often attempt to rush individuals into making decisions.
  2. The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office does not call or email citizens regarding payments for bonds on behalf of friends or family.
  3. Never share money, account information, or gift card details over the phone.

To confirm the legitimacy of a call from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, individuals are encouraged to hang up and contact the main number directly at 936-760-5800, choosing option 3, and then requesting to speak with the law enforcement officer who contacted them.