Shooting Claims the Life of a Young Woman in Dallas

In a devastating incident on the evening of June 10, 2023, Dallas Police responded to a shooting call in the 400 block of N. Jim Miller Road. The incident, which occurred at approximately 10:30 p.m., resulted in the untimely death of 23-year-old Latorra Allen. The community mourns the loss of a promising young woman whose life was cut short by senseless violence.

According to preliminary investigations conducted by the authorities, upon arriving at the scene, law enforcement officers discovered Latorra Allen critically injured from gunshot wounds, lying on the ground. Dallas Fire and Rescue promptly arrived at the location and transported the victim to a nearby hospital in a desperate attempt to save her life. Tragically, despite the efforts of medical professionals, Allen succumbed to her injuries and was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at the hospital.

Investigators have determined that the incident took place during a large gathering at the location, where multiple gunshots were fired. The exact circumstances surrounding the shooting, including the motive and the events leading up to it, are currently under investigation. At this time, authorities have not provided any specific details regarding potential suspects involved in the crime, leaving the community anxious for answers.

The Dallas Police Department is urging anyone with information related to the incident to come forward and assist in the ongoing investigation. The authorities are committed to bringing justice to the victim and her grieving loved ones, as well as ensuring the safety and security of the community.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Frank Serra at 214-662-4552 or

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