One Fatality and Two Injured in Stabbing at Austin Residence; Officers Forced to Shoot Suspect

One Fatality and Two Injured in Stabbing at Austin Residence; Officers Forced to Shoot Suspect

Austin Police Interim Chief of Police Robin Henderson held a press conference to provide an update on an Officer-Involved Shooting that took place at the 12000 block of Uttimer Lane in the Copperfield area.

The incident unfolded when, at approximately 11:29 am, Austin 911 received an emergency call reporting a stabbing at the mentioned location. The caller, who had sustained a stab wound to the stomach, informed emergency services that the male suspect was armed with a knife and still inside the residence with a female victim.

The first APD officer was assigned to the call at 11:33 am, and at 12:36 pm, three Austin police officers in marked units and distinct APD uniforms arrived on the scene. Upon arrival, they found a group of people outside the residence, with one individual appearing to have stab wounds. This person directed officers to the door of the residence.

As officers approached the door, they heard screaming from inside. Concerned for the safety of the individuals within, the officers decided to force entry through the front door. Inside, they encountered a male suspect holding a female with stab wounds. To protect the female victim, officers discharged their weapons, striking the suspect.

The wounded female was safely escorted out of the residence, along with several other individuals, including three children.

An additional female victim with stab wounds was found inside a bedroom and pronounced deceased on-scene at 1:06 am.

The suspect, transported to a local hospital, is currently in stable condition. The other two victims with stab wounds are also in stable condition after being transported to the hospital. No officers were injured during the incident.

The relationship between the suspect and the victims remains unknown at this time. Chief Henderson commended the officers for their swift actions, likely preventing further loss of life. Three officers discharged their department-approved firearms, with service durations of 4 years, 5 1/2 years, and 8 months. As per APD protocol, the officers will be placed on administrative duty.

Two concurrent investigations, a criminal and an administrative one, will be conducted by the APD into the officer-involved shooting.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the APD Special Investigations Unit at 512-974-6840.