League City Police Honor 12 Heroes for Brave Actions in Major Accident

League City Police Honor 12 Heroes for Brave Actions in Major Accident

A Citizen Awards Ceremony took place on March 5th at the League City Police Department, honoring 12 individuals for their heroic actions during a major accident earlier this year. Chief Woitena presented these Good Samaritans with the Chief’s Coin of Excellence and certificates detailing their courageous efforts. Family members of the accident victims also attended to express their gratitude.

The incident occurred on January 6, 2024, around 3:20 AM, on the 2800 block of S IH 45, involving a fatal collision between two vehicles. All three occupants were rendered unconscious and trapped inside, with one vehicle catching fire.

Prior to the arrival of first responders, several passing citizens recognized the dire situation and sprang into action. Working together despite the danger, they managed to rescue two unresponsive victims trapped in the burning vehicle. The damage to the car made extrication difficult, turning the rescue into a race against the spreading flames.

Undeterred by the risks, these citizens successfully removed both occupants from the burning vehicle. Many then rushed to aid a third victim in the second vehicle, with those possessing medical knowledge administering CPR until law enforcement arrived.

Chief Woitena commended the bravery and quick thinking of Alexis Chicas, Emanuel Cazares, Carlos Cazares, Zachary Houghton, Tashawa Jackson, Nam Hoang, Moriah Diaz, Cameron White, Conner Taft, Richard Diaz, Ernesto Diaz, and Marc Albino, stating, “Their unwavering commitment to saving lives in the face of danger exemplifies the highest ideals of compassion and courage. Their willingness to put themselves at risk to help others in distress showcases the epitome of human kindness and valor.”