Incident of Animal Cruelty Investigated in Houston’s Kirby Drive Area

Incident of Animal Cruelty Investigated in Houston’s Kirby Drive Area
Suspect caught on-camara mistreating brown dog

In response to an animal cruelty complaint, Harris County Constable Alan Rosen’s Pct. 1 Animal Cruelty Investigators, in collaboration with Houston SPCA, responded to an incident that occurred during the early hours of December 19th. The reported incident unfolded at 2800 Kirby Drive, within the parking garage of a mixed-use building housing retail establishments, restaurants, and apartments.

Surveillance footage captured an adult male, later identified as Damien Rondrell West, mistreating a medium mixed breed brown/tan dog. The dog, belonging to an unidentified adult female who met with the suspect at his apartment building, suffered apparent cruelty. In the footage, West is seen violently grabbing the leash, lifting the animal into the air, and forcefully throwing it several feet away. The dog twirled mid-air before landing violently on the concrete floor of the parking lot.

The extent of injuries sustained by the dog remains unclear. Additionally, the identity of the female seen with the suspect at the time is yet to be determined.

Damien Rondrell West

Investigators interviewed West at his apartment, located just two floors above the parking levels. Although he acknowledged his presence in the surveillance footage, West denied meeting anyone or mistreating any dog. Furthermore, he refused to disclose the identity of the female companion and declined additional questioning before closing his door.

Pct. 1 Animal Cruelty Investigators are seeking the public’s assistance in identifying the female seen in the surveillance footage to ascertain the condition of her animal. Individuals with information about the female are urged to contact Pct. 1 Animal Cruelty Investigators at 832-927-7337.

The investigation into this case is ongoing, and the findings will be forwarded to the Harris County District Attorney’s Office Animal Cruelty Unit for a review of potential criminal charges against Damien Rondrell West.