Houston’s Top Baby Names Revealed for 2023

Houston’s Top Baby Names Revealed for 2023

The Houston Health Department announced today the most popular baby names in the city for the year 2023, based on records from the Bureau of Vital Statistics. The top names reflect the preferences of new parents in the diverse and vibrant community.

For girls, Emma continues to hold the coveted first place, followed by Mia and Camila. Notably, Mia has risen to the second-place position, displacing Olivia to fourth place. Olivia, which secured the top spot in 2019, 2020, and 2021, had dropped to second in 2022.

The remaining five spots in the top ten for girls include Isabella, Sofia, Sophia, Amelia, Charlotte, and Emily.

On the boys’ side, the trio of Liam, Noah, and Mateo maintains its stronghold on the top three positions since 2019. Joining them in the top ten for 2023 are Santiago, Sebastian, Dylan, Elijah, Lucas, Oliver, and Daniel. Lucas, in particular, made a noteworthy entry into the eighth position this year after being absent from the top 10 list for the past five years.

The Houston Health Department has recorded a total of 60,840 births so far in 2023. In comparison, 64,622 births were documented in 2022, 61,458 in 2021, 61,400 in 2020, 63,095 in 2019, and 64,475 in 2018.

For those seeking birth certificates or information on the process, the department encourages a visit to the Bureau of Vital Statistics webpage or contact them at 832-393-4220. The department maintains comprehensive records of births and deaths within Houston city limits, providing essential documentation to the public.