Houston Police Sergeant Kendrick Simpo Receives Medal Of Valor

Houston Police Sergeant Kendrick Simpo Receives Medal Of Valor
Sergeant Kendrick Simpo

On Wednesday, May 17, 2023, Sergeant Kendrick Simpo was awarded The Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor by President Joe Biden. 

In February last year, while Sergeant Simpo was working an extra job at the Galleria Mall, he heard a call over the radio saying that a suspect was armed with a rifle.  Sgt. Simpo quickly responded and spotted the suspect within a few feet of hundreds of children and their families who were participating in a dance competition.

Sergeant Simpo was able to tackle the armed suspect without a single shot being fired. 

After the suspect was arrested, he was found to have more than 120 rounds of ammunition and a handgun, which could have led to a much different outcome if not for Sergeant Simpo’s quick action and exemplary bravery. 

“I am extremely proud of Sgt. Simpo.  His courageous action exemplifies the dedication of every person in the Houston Police Department and the mission to protect and serve the whole community,” said HPD Police Chief Troy Finner.  

Sergeant Simpo is the first HPD officer to receive this distinguished honor.

“This is for the 5,200 Houston police officers.  I may be the first officer from Houston to receive this great award, but more will follow.  I am proud of the recognition this award shines on our department and the many dedicated officers that work there,” said Sergeant Simpo.

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