Houston Man Sentenced to 45 Years for Murder of Teenage Prostitute

Houston Man Sentenced to 45 Years for Murder of Teenage Prostitute
Henry David Cossette

Last week, a Houston man was handed a 45-year prison sentence for the murder of 18-year-old Sara Ann Goodwin in 2022, as announced by Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg.

Henry David Cossette, 29, was found guilty of strangling Goodwin on February 6, 2022, after picking her up on Houston’s Bissonnet Track and taking her to his Alief-area apartment.

During the two-day bench trial, prosecutors revealed Cossette’s chilling actions. Following the murder, Cossette dismembered Goodwin’s body in his bathtub and disposed of her remains in separate black garbage bags, which he then dumped in a rural area off Beltway 8, about 13 miles from his residence.

Goodwin had informed a friend she was being picked up, and the friend monitored her phone’s location, which remained in the vicinity of Cossette’s apartment for hours before going silent. Concerned, the friend reported Goodwin missing to the authorities, providing the last known location.

Approximately two weeks later, Cossette attempted to end his own life by starting a charcoal fire in his apartment. Emergency responders were alerted by neighbors to the smoke, and upon arrival, Cossette confessed to the murder, directing them to where he had disposed of Goodwin’s remains.

Assistant District Attorney Helen Le, along with Dana Nazarova, prosecuted the case, emphasizing the clear evidence of Cossette’s guilt. Nazarova highlighted the tragic loss of Goodwin’s life and the deception of Cossette’s outward appearance, stating, “A big part of this crime is that he looks and behaves like a normal person that you might see every day.”

Cossette’s sentencing serves as a reminder of the devastating impact of violent crimes on individuals and communities, with District Attorney Ogg concluding, “This young woman, who had her whole life ahead of her, was brutally murdered for no reason.”