El Paso Man Arrested for Exploitation of Elderly Couple

El Paso Man Arrested for Exploitation of Elderly Couple
Jesus Rodriguez

A 44-year-old man from Central El Paso, Jesus Rodriguez, was arrested on October 6, 2023, for allegedly using money from the bank accounts of two elderly residents without their consent. The victims, 92-year-old Maria Homsy and 88-year-old Joseph Homsy of West El Paso, reported the incident to the police in February 2023.

The case was promptly assigned to the Special Victims Unit of the El Paso Police Department. Upon investigation, it was revealed that Rodriguez had withdrawn over $56,000 from the victims’ accounts over three months to pay his credit card bills.

On the evening of October 6, at approximately 9:05 p.m., Rodriguez was detained by customs officials at the Paso Del Norte port of entry when attempting to cross the border due to an outstanding arrest warrant. He was subsequently released to the El Paso Police Department and booked into the El Paso County Detention Facility.

Authorities have confirmed that Rodriguez will face charges related to unauthorized use of the victims’ bank accounts. The victims, both senior citizens, had reported the incidents earlier this year, leading to the investigation and eventual arrest of the suspect.