Attempted Sexual Assault Reported at Texas A&M University Dormitory

Attempted Sexual Assault Reported at Texas A&M University Dormitory

On April 14, 2024, the Texas A&M University Police Department (UPD) received a report of an Attempted Sexual Assault that occurred in Mosher Hall.

At approximately 5:00 am on the same day, the victim reported that while she was asleep in her dorm room, she was startled awake by a male intruder displaying a weapon and threatening sexual assault. Reacting swiftly, the victim kicked the assailant, prompting him to flee the room. Following the incident, the victim discovered that her money was missing.

The identity of the suspect remains unknown at this time. According to the victim’s description, the suspect is a thin black male in his early 20s, with short black hair. He was reportedly wearing light-colored jeans, a black hoodie, and a black ball cap.

Authorities urge anyone with information pertaining to this crime or any related incidents to contact the Texas A&M University Police Department at 979-845-2345.

In light of this incident and in accordance with the Clery Act, which mandates transparency in reporting crimes on university campuses, Texas A&M University underscores the importance of personal safety measures for all students and residents.

Officials recommend the following precautions:

  • Ensure doors and windows to residences are securely locked.
  • Refrain from allowing unauthorized individuals to enter buildings by “piggybacking.”
  • Promptly report any safety concerns, such as malfunctioning doors or locks, to staff.
  • Immediately alert law enforcement if suspicious activity is observed.