Arrest Made in Aggravated Assault Case Following Search Warrant Execution in Tom Green County

Arrest Made in Aggravated Assault Case Following Search Warrant Execution in Tom Green County
Eduardo Gamez

In a recent development, on Thursday, October 26, 2023, the Tom Green County Sheriff’s Office executed a search and arrest warrant in the 2300 block of Freeland Avenue. These warrants were issued following an investigation into an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon that occurred on October 01, 2023.

The incident that led to the investigation took place at approximately 5:05 AM on October 1, 2023, when Tom Green Sheriff’s Office Deputies responded to a “shots fired” call in the 4000 block of Herbert Road in Tom Green County. Upon their arrival, deputies found that the suspect had already fled the scene. Subsequent investigation revealed that 21-year-old Edgar Eduardo Gamez-Rodriguez was attending a party when he engaged in a dispute with another attendee. Gamez produced a handgun, loaded a round into the weapon, and pointed it at the victim and two others before leaving the scene in a vehicle. As he departed, he fired the weapon several times, fortunately without injuring anyone at the party.

During the search executed on October 26, evidence related to this crime was recovered, though Gamez himself was not present at the residence. Investigators from the Tom Green County Sheriff’s Office managed to track down Gamez at a ranch in Reagan County and took him into custody at approximately 2:20 PM. Gamez is currently being held in Reagan County until he is magistrated, after which he will be transported to the Tom Green County Detention Center.

It is worth noting that Gamez had been arrested in 2021 at the Del Rio International Bridge while crossing into Texas. His current status is listed as a “Non-Deportable Alien.” The investigation into this case is ongoing, and additional charges are expected.

The Tom Green County Sheriff’s Office expressed its gratitude to the San Angelo Police Department, the Department of Homeland Security, the San Angelo Fire Department tactical medic program, and the Reagan County Sheriff’s Office for their assistance in this ongoing investigation.