Apartment Fire Claims One Life in Chinatown

Apartment Fire Claims One Life in Chinatown

A residential apartment fire on January 15, 2024, at 7930 Corporate Dr. (Woodcreek on The Bayou Apartments) resulted in the death of one individual.

The incident unfolded at 9:48 p.m., prompting a response from Houston Fire Department (HFD) personnel. Within five minutes of the emergency call, firefighters arrived at the scene, discovering moderate smoke without visible flames in one of the apartment units.

A primary search was conducted, leading to the discovery of a deceased individual within the affected apartment. The HFD Emergency Medical Services (EMS) confirmed the individual’s was deceased.

Firefighters, comprising crews from Stations 68, 83, 10, 51, 73, 57, and Rescue 10, efficiently managed the situation. The team ensured there was no fire extension and promptly cleared the unit of smoke.

Currently, the cause of the fire remains under investigation, with HFD Arson specialists working to determine both its origin and the circumstances leading to the tragic incident. Information regarding property saved, damage, and the cause of the fire is currently pending further investigation.

In total, 35 personnel were involved in responding to the incident, highlighting the collaborative efforts of multiple fire stations to address the emergency promptly.