Travis County Expunction Expo Offers Chance to Clear Criminal Records

Travis County Expunction Expo Offers Chance to Clear Criminal Records

The Travis County Expunction Team has extended an invitation to the community to apply and pre-qualify for the 6th Travis County Expunction Expo, set to occur on Saturday, April 27, 2024. This event aims to assist residents in clearing their criminal records, ultimately enhancing their opportunities for employment, financial aid for higher education, and housing.

Since 2020, officials in Travis County have aided 617 residents in clearing their criminal charges. The upcoming expo is a collaborative effort between Travis County District Attorney José Garza, Travis County Attorney Delia Garza, and Travis County District Clerk Velva L. Price.

Individuals with prior arrests in Travis County are encouraged to utilize the online portal to apply for the Expunction Expo. Cases eligible for consideration may involve scenarios where charges were never filed, dismissed, or resulted in acquittal. Despite these outcomes, such cases may still appear on criminal background checks without expunction.

Interested community members can gather information and apply until Friday, April 5, 2024, using the provided links in English or Spanish.


Those with inquiries may contact

Under Texas law, cases may qualify for expunction if they meet specific criteria, such as having charges dismissed or completing diversion programs. However, certain circumstances, such as pending cases or convictions, may render a case ineligible for expunction.

Participants who prequalify for the expo will receive assistance from volunteer attorneys affiliated with the Travis County Law Library, Capital Area Private Defender Service, Travis County Public Defender’s Office, and Volunteer Legal Services. These attorneys will aid in filing the necessary paperwork to clear criminal records.