Texas City Police Warns of Card Skimmer Increase, Offers Tips

Texas City Police Warns of Card Skimmer Increase, Offers Tips

In recent weeks, the Texas City Police Department has observed a surge in reports concerning card skimmers, prompting officials to provide crucial guidance to residents to help prevent falling prey to these fraudulent devices.

A card skimmer is a tool attached to point-of-sale terminals, designed to illicitly capture debit or credit card information without the cardholder’s knowledge.

If individuals suspect they have become victims of a card skimmer, the following steps are advised:

  • Immediately contact their financial institution.
  • File a report with the local police department.

Discovering a skimmer can be alarming, but it’s vital not to take matters into one’s own hands. Instead:

  1. Contact local authorities for assistance rather than attempting removal.
  2. Perform a visual inspection of ATMs or point-of-sale terminals before use, avoiding devices with loose or tampered card readers.
  3. Safeguard PIN entry by covering the keypad.
  4. Utilize chip-enabled cards when possible.
  5. Opt for contactless payment methods where available.
  6. When purchasing gas, choose pumps closer to the building to minimize the risk of skimmer installation.
  7. Enable notifications and card locking features provided by banks to prevent unauthorized use.
  8. Consider using cash for transactions whenever feasible.

By staying vigilant and following these precautions, residents can reduce their vulnerability to card skimming incidents.