Standoff Ends Peacefully After Gunshots Reported in Songwood Subdivision

Standoff Ends Peacefully After Gunshots Reported in Songwood Subdivision
Daniel Nobles

Harris County Constable Precinct 2 Deputies responded to reports of gunfire in the Songwood Subdivision near Herman Brown Park on Monday, April 22, 2024. The incident occurred the 10700 block of Dunvegan Way.

Upon arrival, deputies commenced an investigation as multiple residents had reported hearing gunshots emanating from a specific residence. This residence, known to authorities due to previous similar incidents, became the focal point of the investigation.

As deputies began their inquiry, they encountered two individuals at the location. One of them was identified as Daniel Nobles, who was discovered to have an outstanding felony warrant. However, when approached by deputies, Nobles refused to cooperate and barricaded himself inside the residence.

In response to the escalating situation, the Houston Police Department, alongside their specialized SWAT team, was called in to assist. Following established protocols, authorities initiated negotiations with Nobles, urging him to peacefully surrender.

After a tense standoff, Nobles complied with law enforcement commands and surrendered without further incident. Upon conducting a search of the residence, deputies discovered an AR-15 firearm.

Daniel Nobles was subsequently taken into custody for the outstanding felony warrant, with additional charges pending. The second individual present at the scene was released by authorities.