Shoplifting Incident at Spring, Texas Target Leads to Arrest

Shoplifting Incident at Spring, Texas Target Leads to Arrest
Kuzma Macey

On December 9, 2023, deputies from Constable Mark Herman’s Office responded to a shoplifting incident at the Target store situated in the 19500 block of North Freeway, Spring, Texas. The deputies were called in reference to a female suspect who had allegedly concealed apparel, jewelry, and makeup with a total value exceeding $513.00. The suspect reportedly bypassed all points of sale without making a purchase.

Upon their arrival, constable deputies were informed of the situation and proceeded to locate the female suspect. The individual was identified as 25-year-old Kuzma Macey. Law enforcement successfully recovered the concealed merchandise, which was promptly returned to the Target business.

Kuzma Macey was subsequently arrested and booked into the Harris County Jail on charges related to the shoplifting incident.

It is noteworthy that national reports have indicated Target facing challenges with shoplifting issues, commonly referred to as “shrink” in the industry. The retail giant has reportedly closed several stores across the country due to theft and crime concerns.