Residential Arson Attempt Thwarted by Longview Fire Department: Suspect Apprehended

Residential Arson Attempt Thwarted by Longview Fire Department: Suspect Apprehended

On the evening of August 22, 2023, the Longview Fire Department responded to a reported residential structure fire at 1600 Alpine Road. The incident, which occurred around 6:15pm, took an unexpected turn as firefighters discovered signs of arson and swiftly acted to prevent potential casualties.

Upon arrival, fire crews were met with heavy smoke and rapidly spreading flames. The initial concern for a potential victim inside the building prompted firefighters to launch an interior fire attack while simultaneously conducting a primary search.

During the search, firefighters located an individual in a detached garage adjacent to the main structure. This discovery led to an alteration in tactics, as the building’s instability became a significant risk to responders. The operation transitioned from an interior approach to a defensive strategy, culminating in a partial roof collapse.

Amidst the operation, one firefighter sustained a burn injury. The firefighter received prompt on-site treatment and did not require hospitalization.

However, the situation took a darker turn as investigations unfolded. The individual found in the detached garage, identified as Robert Haats, was apprehended by the Deputy Fire Marshal on charges of arson. Haats is facing charges of “Arson of a Building/Habitat/Vehicle Reckless Cause Damage.” The arrest was executed with assistance from the Longview Police Department.

The Longview Fire Department’s quick and coordinated response involved three fire engines, two ladder trucks, one ambulance, and four support vehicles, totaling 21 personnel. Their efforts were crucial in containing the fire and minimizing damage.

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