Montgomery County Man Convicted of Child Indecency at The Woodlands Mall

Montgomery County Man Convicted of Child Indecency at The Woodlands Mall
James Andrew Flygare

In a case at the 435th District Court, James Andrew Flygare was found guilty of the felony offense of Indecency with a Child by Exposure. The prosecution, led by Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office Assistant District Attorney Erica Ortega and Chief Prosecutor Brittney Aaron, presented compelling evidence that on May 4, 2022, Flygare intentionally exposed himself to a seven-year-old girl at The Woodlands Mall.

Surveillance footage revealed that Flygare closely monitored the child, waiting for an opportune moment when she was briefly separated from her mother. Witnesses testified that Flygare tapped on the child’s arm and exposed himself. The child, following her mother’s earlier instructions on personal safety, quickly distanced herself and reported the incident to her mother, who promptly alerted law enforcement.

Bystanders near the scene acted heroically, creating a barrier at the store door until law enforcement arrived. The jury returned a guilty verdict after reviewing the evidence and surveillance footage.

Following the conviction, Judge Patty Maginnis considered additional evidence of Flygare’s troubling behavior at The Woodlands Mall. Another young female testified that Flygare had made her uncomfortable by frequenting the mall every Wednesday, blowing kisses, and flicking his tongue at her. Despite her multiple reports to mall security, Flygare continued his disturbing actions.

Judge Maginnis sentenced Flygare to seven years in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, with a range of punishment from two to ten years. After serving his prison term, Flygare must register as a sex offender for an additional ten years.

District Attorney Brett Ligon emphasized the importance of community vigilance and open communication with children about personal safety. He commended the quick actions of the child, her vigilant mother, the supportive community, the diligent investigation by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, and the assistance from Children’s Safe Harbor.

Assistant District Attorney Erica Ortega underscored the urgency of parental guidance, stating, “Five steps and eleven seconds is all that it took for this Defendant to act and expose a child to something she never should have been subjected to. Fortunately, an amazing mom had previously taken the time to teach her child about Stranger Danger.”

District Attorney Brett Ligon expressed gratitude, stating, “It’s the James Flygares of the world who require all of us to band together with vigilance to protect our precious children.” He commended the alert mother, Montgomery County citizens who intervened, Children’s Safe Harbor for their investigation, and the judge and jury for holding Flygare accountable.