Montgomery County Launches Holiday Initiative to Combat Impaired Driving

Montgomery County Launches Holiday Initiative to Combat Impaired Driving

As the holiday season approaches, the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office has joined forces with state and local law enforcement agencies in a collaborative effort to tackle impaired driving. The primary objective of this initiative is to prevent accidents and fatalities caused by impaired drivers, ensuring that everyone reaches their destination safely during the festive season.

A coalition of law enforcement agencies, including the Texas Department of Public Safety, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, and various constable precincts and police departments, has pledged to intensify patrol efforts. The Splendora Police Department, Shenandoah Police Department, Conroe Police Department, Montgomery Police Department, Magnolia Police Department, and the Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission are also actively participating in this joint campaign.

Through the No Refusal TxDOT Grant, facilitated by the Montgomery County District Attorney’s office, nurses or phlebotomists, prosecutors, and investigators will be deployed to support law enforcement in obtaining blood evidence in cases where a DWI suspect refuses to provide a scientific sample.

The public is encouraged to utilize rideshare apps such as Uber and Lyft to ensure a safe journey home, as these options are not only convenient but also more affordable than risking a DWI arrest. Authorities emphasize the importance of making responsible choices, highlighting that failure to plan ahead may result in legal consequences, harm to others, or personal endangerment.

Vehicular Crimes Chief Brittany Hansford emphasized the collective commitment of law enforcement agencies, stating, “Dedicated law enforcement agencies are working tirelessly to safeguard our community against impaired driving, but the crucial decision lies within each individual. Our office will provide whatever assistance is needed to reduce the chances of a loss of life. Our goal is to keep Montgomery County roads as safe as possible during the Holidays.”