Montgomery County Jury Delivers Justice: Aryan Brotherhood Member Receives Life Sentence for Assault and Kidnapping

Montgomery County Jury Delivers Justice: Aryan Brotherhood Member Receives Life Sentence for Assault and Kidnapping
Tyler Douglas Clark

In a pivotal trial that commenced on Monday, December 4, 2023, the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office prosecutors, Shanna Redwine and Brittany Hansford, successfully secured a conviction against 31-year-old Tyler Douglas Clark. The charges brought against Clark included Assault Family Violence Deadly Weapon with Prior Conviction and Aggravated Kidnapping.

The prosecution presented compelling evidence detailing an incident in October 2022, where Clark kidnapped his girlfriend, subjecting her to a brutal assault lasting over an hour. Clark relentlessly attacked the victim with his fists and a tire tool while driving her down Highway 99 from Harris County into Montgomery County. The victim managed to escape, running from a ditch near the Lake Houston Wilderness Park, covered in bruises. A compassionate bystander discovered her plight and promptly rushed her to a hospital for medical attention.

The jury swiftly deliberated and found Clark guilty on both charges. During the subsequent punishment proceedings, prosecutors revealed that Clark had previously served time in prison for five felony charges, including two counts of Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Burglary of a Habitation, Violation of a Protective Order, and Prohibited Substance in a Correctional Facility.

Additionally, the jury heard harrowing testimonies from three additional victims, each recounting instances of serial domestic abuse at the hands of the defendant. Prosecutors presented evidence indicating that Clark held the rank of Captain within the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas.

As a result of the jury’s deliberation, Clark was sentenced to life in prison for the Assault charge, with an additional 30-year sentence for Kidnapping, to be served concurrently. Clark will not be eligible for parole for at least 30 years.

Division Chief Shanna Redwine expressed relief, stating, “Tyler Clark’s reign of terror is finally over. Thanks to the strength of the survivors of Clark’s abuse, the bravery of the citizens who offered help, and the work of law enforcement in this case, our county is safer today than it was yesterday.”

District Attorney Brett Ligon commented on the gravity of the situation, saying, “Tyler Clark earned every day of his life sentence. A ranking documented gang member, a morally bankrupt predator who once beat his own mother was confronted with the last of his many victims.”

The joint efforts of the Harris County Pct. 4 Constables Office, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office, Montgomery County Forensic Services Department, and the Texas Prison Office of Inspector General were pivotal in providing evidence and support, ensuring justice for the victim and the safety of Montgomery County residents.