Lufkin Municipal Court Announces Warrant Amnesty Program

Lufkin Municipal Court Announces Warrant Amnesty Program

In an effort to provide residents with a chance to address outstanding warrants, the Lufkin Municipal Court has announced a warrant amnesty program scheduled to run from February 1, 2024, through April 30, 2024.

Individuals with active outstanding warrants through the court are encouraged to seize this opportunity, which offers a chance to save money and start anew. Those who choose to address their outstanding warrants at the clerk’s office will be granted safe harbor.

As part of the amnesty program, all warrant fees will be waived for citizens voluntarily reaching out to the court, provided they pay a minimum of one-half of the total amount due and initiate a payment plan for the remaining balance. Additionally, those who opt to pay the entire fine will receive an extra incentive, saving an additional 20% off the fine amount (excluding court costs).

The program aims to accommodate individuals facing financial constraints by working out agreeable action plans for those unable to pay half down or in full. The court emphasizes its commitment to assisting anyone willing to make the effort to clear up their warrants.

This year, the Municipal Court has expanded the avenues for warrant amnesty, allowing residents to participate in-person, over the telephone, or online. For further information, individuals can contact the Municipal Court at (936) 633-0315 or via email at