Joint Operation in Brazoria County Nets Arrests, Vehicle Recoveries After Reckless Event

Joint Operation in Brazoria County Nets Arrests, Vehicle Recoveries After Reckless Event

Brazoria County law enforcement agencies conducted a joint operation dubbed “Operation – Street Take Back” on April 6th, 2024, to address safety concerns surrounding a “takeover” event in the area.

The initiative was supported by various law enforcement entities including the Brazoria County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO), DPS Highway Patrol, DPS CID, Pearland Police Department, Alvin Police Department, Brazoria County Constable Precinct 2, Brazoria County Pct. 4 Constable’s Office – Constable James Brawner, the Brazoria County Narcotics Taskforce, and the Gulf Coast Auto Crimes Task Force aimed to monitor a “takeover” event and to ensure safety of the public.

The operation stemmed from an investigation into stolen cars and vehicle parts in the vicinity of FM-1462 and SH-288. “Takeover” events are known for their hazardous driving behavior, posing risks to attendees and the community.

During the operation, law enforcement engaged in a pursuit resulting from the event, involving reckless driving behaviors such as swerving and speeding. Tragically, a juvenile sustained major injuries after being pinned between two vehicles during the event and was airlifted to Memorial Hermann-Downtown for medical attention. Several other injuries from altercations were also reported.

Additionally, law enforcement identified a property suspected of harboring stolen vehicles. A subsequent search warrant led to the recovery of multiple stolen vehicles on the premises, some in various stages of disassembly.

“Operation – Street Take Back” culminated in the recovery of six stolen vehicles and multiple arrests. The investigation remains ongoing, with authorities expecting further charges as they gather evidence and pursue leads.

The collaborative effort underscores the dedication of Brazoria County law enforcement to ensuring the safety of citizens and combating crime in the community.