Humble Police Pursue Reckless Driver, Make Arrest

Humble Police Pursue Reckless Driver, Make Arrest
Confiscated items and vehicle

On the night of Monday, April 1, 2024, Humble Police Night Shift A, K-9 unit initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle traveling at 81 MPH in a 35 MPH zone. The driver of the vehicle, however, refused to comply with the stop and instead accelerated, recklessly navigating through traffic.

The situation escalated when the vehicle ran a red light at the intersection of Beltway 8 and Old Humble Rd, nearly causing a major crash. Through the efforts of law enforcement units, the vehicle was eventually brought to a halt.

The driver was taken into custody. The Harris County District Attorney’s Office accepted multiple charges against the individual, including Felony Evading, Felony Possession of Marijuana, and Unlawful Carry of a Weapon.

Additionally, authorities initiated the process of seizing the vehicle involved in the incident, identified as a 2018 Alpha Romero Giulia.