Houston Hobby Airport Wins Gold Award for Innovative Green Wall at TPIE 2024

Houston Hobby Airport Wins Gold Award for Innovative Green Wall at TPIE 2024

In a remarkable achievement, Houston Airports has secured the prestigious Gold Award in the Silk, Replica, and Preserved category at the 2024 Tropical Plant International Expo (TPIE). The award recognizes the captivating Green Wall at William P. Hobby Airport (HOU), unveiled in January 2023, covering 2,240 square feet along the HOU Arrivals curb.

The Green Wall has become an iconic feature, symbolizing a warm welcome to passengers arriving in Space City. Custom artificial greenery, capturing the Houston skyline and space shuttle imagery, adorns the wall, offering a unique and visually stunning experience.

Liliana Rambo, Chief Terminal Management Officer for Houston Airports, expressed, “This win is the culmination of teamwork and passion shared across multiple divisions of Houston Airports. The airport guest serves as our compass, and the Green Wall is a testament to our commitment to enhancing their experience.”

The success of the Green Wall stems from a year-long collaborative effort among the Operations, Terminal Management, and Maintenance divisions at Houston Airports. Monica Horvath, Division Manager of HOU Landside Operations, initiated the project in 2021, leading to a creative partnership with Wendy Kirby-DeCordova and Scott Hill to bring the vision to life.

Scott Hill, Director of Maintenance for Houston Airports, emphasized the power of teamwork, stating, “When Houston Airports comes together, the dream can reach new heights. There’s nothing better than supporting each other for the benefit of the airport guest.”

Overcoming challenges such as lack of natural light and dust at the Arrivals curb, Houston Airports collaborated with Ambius for the meticulous design and installation of the ‘replica wall.’ The specially sourced artificial plants endure the unique environment, resulting in a visually stunning Green Wall unveiled after four days of overnight work in late 2022.

Wendy Kirby-DeCordova expressed pride in observing airport guests engage positively with their creation: “I watch people taking selfies along the wall in one of their first moments in Houston. We created something wonderful that airport guests are going to enjoy.”

Following the success at Hobby Airport, a similar 1,100 square feet Green Wall was unveiled at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in late 2023, providing another option for the public to experience this unique feature.

Wendy Kirby-DeCordova highlighted the innovative nature of the Green Walls, capturing the history of Houston in a unique and meaningful way. Andrea Alvarez from Ambius shared that other airports are now working to create their own green walls, inspired by Houston’s trailblazing initiative.

Hobby Airport, recognized as the first airport in the United States to feature a replica wall, has set a new standard for airports nationwide. Andrea Alvarez stated, “Our work continues. We’re now working with Houston Airports on projects inside the airport,” hinting at future endeavors to elevate the guest experience at both Bush and Hobby airports.

As the first and only 5-Star Skytrax airport in North America, Hobby Airport adds the TPIE Gold Award to its accolades, further showcasing the power of collaboration, innovation, and the guest-centric culture at Houston Airports. Wendy Kirby-DeCordova concluded, “This is our wall. This is our work. We are Houston Airports.”