Harris County Sheriff’s Office Recognizes Outstanding Service by Sergeant Ernie McNabb

Harris County Sheriff’s Office Recognizes Outstanding Service by Sergeant Ernie McNabb
Sergeant Ernie McNabb

In a recent announcement, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) has highlighted the exceptional dedication and service of Sergeant Ernie McNabb, naming him one of the Teammates of the Week.

Sgt. McNabb, who has been serving in law enforcement since 1993 and joined HCSO seven years ago after transferring from the Precinct 4 Constable’s Office, has been commended for his exemplary commitment to duty. Currently serving as a night shift Sergeant in District 2 in north Harris County, Sgt. McNabb’s recent actions have earned him high praise from the community.

Residents in northwest Harris County reported a surge in community mailbox thefts, prompting Sgt. McNabb to take immediate action. During his patrols, he encountered a suspect at the mailboxes with the trunk of their vehicle open and holding a crowbar. Although the suspect fled the scene, Sgt. McNabb managed to identify the individual, leading to collaboration with the U.S. Postal Inspector.

The cooperation resulted in the apprehension of the suspects, who were found in possession of stolen mail and counterfeit mailbox keys. The information provided by Sgt. McNabb proved instrumental in advancing the investigation, allowing the U.S. Postal Inspector to make progress in bringing charges against the individuals involved in the mailbox theft ring.

A Harris County resident expressed their gratitude for Sgt. McNabb’s exceptional efforts, stating, “I want to pause and recognize one of your outstanding officers and his commitment to excellence and exceeding expectations! Sheriff Gonzalez, our District is extremely pleased with the work and efforts of Sgt. McNabb, and we would like to request that he receive the Highest Commendation that you can give! Thank you!”