Harris County Sheriff’s Office Makes Arrest in Bombshells Shooting Incident

On the night of October 9, 2023, Harris County Sheriff’s Office Investigators swiftly responded to a shooting incident at Bombshells restaurant/bar located at 13732 East Freeway near Uvalde Road. The victim, identified as Gabriel Aguirre, was found inside the establishment with multiple gunshot wounds and was pronounced deceased.

The suspect, who fled the scene before authorities arrived, was identified as 24-year-old Pedro Zavala. In a surprising turn of events, Zavala contacted the Harris County Sheriff’s Office early this morning and surrendered himself to deputies. Following his surrender, Zavala was taken into custody without incident.

Zavala has been officially charged with the murder of Gabriel Aguirre and was subsequently booked into the Harris County jail. His bond was set at $500,000. Zavala had been out of prison on parole. He was also charged for unlawfully carrying a weapon as a convicted felon and an additional bond set at $100,000.