Harris County Deputies Fired At From Residence Window, Suspect Shot Dead

Harris County Deputies Fired At From Residence Window, Suspect Shot Dead

At approximately 10:50 am today, Harris County Sheriff Deputies responded to a call reporting an abandoned vehicle in the middle of the road with the doors wide open. Upon arrival, deputies discovered an alarming situation at 15414 Flemington Ave.

As deputies approached the residence, shots were fired from inside towards them, prompting the call for additional units. Fortunately, no deputies were injured during the gunfire. The incident escalated into a barricaded subject situation, and negotiators were summoned to the scene.

After securing the perimeter, law enforcement encountered a 45-year-old male exiting the residence. Believing the individual to be armed, deputies opened fire, resulting in the suspect’s demise. The identity of the deceased has not been released.

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez stated that the law enforcement agency had previously received calls related to domestic disturbances and mental health issues at the same address. A total of five deputies fired their weapons at the suspect.

The scene remains active, with deputies cautiously entering the residence to check for potential injuries among residents. However, they were forced to retreat when one deputy observed unusual wiring inside, raising concerns of a potential booby trap or explosive device within the home.

Authorities are continuing their investigation, and the situation is ongoing.