Dallas Teachers Fulfill Students’ Soccer Dreams with Trip to Argentina

Dallas Teachers Fulfill Students’ Soccer Dreams with Trip to Argentina

Two dedicated educators from W.W. Samuell High School, brothers Gabriel and Miguel Valles, are teaming up to provide a life-changing experience for their students. Both teachers and soccer coaches, the Valles brothers are taking five of their soccer team students to Argentina next summer as part of a Dallas ISD team competing in international tournaments.

Gabriel Valles, a world history, AP world history, and Mexican American studies teacher at Samuell High School, and Miguel Valles, a sixth-grade world cultures teacher at Piedmont Global Academy, are enthusiastic about this unique opportunity for their students. Drawing from their own experiences playing soccer across the United States and in Argentina during their youth, the brothers see this as a chance to expose their students to high-level competition and expand their worldview.

The duo, who have been coaching together for several years, share a natural synergy in their coaching styles, making it seamless for them to collaborate. Marisela Lopez, assistant director of the Dallas ISD Department of Athletics, played a pivotal role in the inception of the idea to take the students to Argentina.

From June 26 to July 4, the Valles brothers will guide their students through this immersive experience. The trip is not only about soccer; it’s a transformative journey that challenges the students to look beyond their neighborhoods and schools. The brothers believe that the exposure to different cultures and the rigors of international competition will contribute to the personal growth and character development of the participating students.

Both Gabriel and Miguel emphasize the value of their own experiences in Argentina during their youth. The trip not only exposed them to different styles of soccer but also played a crucial role in shaping their characters and future paths. Now, they are determined to provide a similar mentorship to their students.

Funding for the Argentina trip is being supported by a community partner, contributing approximately $500 per student, with the remaining expenses covered by the students themselves. The Valles brothers express confidence that this international experience will leave a lasting impact on their students, shaping them into better individuals.

The brothers have even more ambitious plans for the future, aiming to take a Samuell team to Europe the following summer. As they continue to invest in the development of their students, Gabriel and Miguel Valles are creating opportunities that extend beyond the soccer field, fostering personal growth and cultural enrichment.