Conroe Man with a History of Evading Arrest Finally Apprehended in Montgomery County

Conroe Man with a History of Evading Arrest Finally Apprehended in Montgomery County
Booking photo: Chase Reese

In a coordinated effort led by the office of Constable Kenneth “Rowdy” Hayden, local law enforcement successfully captured a suspect who had repeatedly evaded authorities. The Montgomery County Precinct Four Deputies had been diligently investigating 27-year-old Chase Reese, a Conroe resident, who had managed to escape custody on more than one occasion.

Reese’s evasion saga began on August 28 when he slipped away during a traffic stop conducted by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. His knack for eluding law enforcement continued, with another escape in the early hours of September 18 during a suspicious person investigation by Precinct Four Deputies.

Authorities finally closed in on Reese’s location near E. Martin Drive in Porter, Texas. Despite his attempt to flee on foot, Reese was eventually apprehended. The successful operation was made possible with assistance from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and the Patton Village Police Department. Deputies employed cutting-edge technology, including aerial drone surveillance, and relied on the expertise of the Pct. 4 K9 unit “Vic” to aid in Reese’s capture.


Reese’s apprehension was marked by the deployment of a Conducted Energy Weapon (Taser) near the area of US Highway 59 and E. Martin Drive. Currently in custody, he is facing felony charges of Evading Arrest with Previous Convictions, along with an outstanding warrant for Driving While Intoxicated from Harris County, TX. Additional charges related to narcotics and evading arrest are pending. Reese is also under investigation for potential involvement in local burglary cases.

Constable Hayden expressed his gratitude to the local law enforcement partners who contributed to this successful apprehension. He stated, “This individual, with a history of violence, theft, and drug-related offenses, is now behind bars where he belongs. We encourage individuals facing criminal charges to turn themselves in and face the legal consequences. Failure to do so will result in apprehension.”